New England is a harsh climate, especially here in Southeastern Massachusetts.  We have ice and snow in winter, rainy damp springs, hot summers and the threat of hurricanes in the fall and always the dampness of a maritime climate.  As a builder here on Cape Cod, I make sure that all the projects we work on are up to the challenge of our difficult climate.  Most importantly, when we finish a project it will last.  Very often when we replace a front door or window, we find that it was never flashed properly, leading to a rotten sill and subfloor and a cold drafty house.  When we work on any size project, from a front door replacement to a new addition or custom framing project, we make sure that when it is finished it will not only be beautiful, but it will have the best in flashing and the longest lasting materials that will resist the forces of nature and keep the home dry, and warm.

Not only do we face a harsh climate here in New England, but we also face a harsh economy where every dollar counts.  The mission of S.M. Jones Construction LLC as a business is not only to deliver high quality lasting workmanship on all projects, but also to listen to our customers when they tell us what they are looking for in a home remodeling project, no matter what size it is.